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Frit and glazes for ceramics

We supply a complete range of mineral products for the following applications: – Kaolin and ground quartz for the formulation of sanitaryware, porcelain and pottery glazes.
– Clays for engobes and glazes.
– High purity quartz for the formulation of mixtures, frits and glazes with a high degree of whiteness.
– Extremely white bentonites as rheology corrector for glazes.
– High purity potassium feldspars for the formulation of frits and glazes
– Zirconates

New applications for digital decoration.

We can supply high quality raw materials for the formulation of glazes for digital technology. Our minerals are prepared with extremely fine grain sizes suitable for a second preparation for the preparation of digital colours.

Micronized minerals: quartz, dolomite, glass, calcined kaolin, talc.