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Ceramic art

The Arno Witgert Company has been mining clay since 1820 and is the oldest clay mining company in the German Westerwald. For centuries, these clays have been used for the production of tableware but also ceramic art in general and today these mixed clays are used by artisans as ready-to-use mixtures: Witgert was one of the first companies to start producing this type of product.

The customer can choose over 100 standard types of clay, coloured white, red, black, extra black, brown, tan, yellow, yellow-cream/grey, anthracite and Indian summer. They are available without chamotte or containing different percentages of it, for sculpting or casting in moulds. It is also possible to request mixes with particular effects: cork effect, stained and marbled. Porcelain and paper clay mixes complete the product range.

Ceramic bodies for hobby and teaching use are included in the Witgert catalogue, where these materials can be requested in liquid form, ready for use or even individually packaged in 10Kg blocks.


Witgert Products are available in the following formats:

  • Clays and clay mixtures in lumps or shredded
  • Clay flakes processed for lamination
  • Powder
  • Clay filter cakes
  • Crumbled ceramic bodies
  • Plastic ceramic bodies
  • Foils ready for processing
  • Pellets
  • Chamotte/Grogs
  • Casting slips
  • Engobes
  • Secondary Raw Materials