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Dorfner Calcined Kaolin

Dorfner refines its raw material to produce high quality kaolin with a substantial kaolinite content. Granulated and ground kaolin is obtained through a process of successive granulometric hydrocyclone classifications.

Calcined Kaolin made up of fine particles such as DORKAMUL® is often contained in glaze and compound formulation due to its low iron and titanium content.

The Dorkafill range of calcined kaolin with particle sizes below 20 and 10 microns are suitable for the composition of colours to be applied using digital technology. The high degree of whiteness of Dorkafill kaolin ensures a good brilliance to the pigments.

The DORKAFILL® product line completes the offer of calcined kaolin for many industrial applications. Dorfner has been serving customers in the ceramic, paper, glass, paint, plastic, floor and wall tiles industries for many decades, with customized solutions that take advantage of continuous research and development, giving added value to the user’s product.

Furthermore, Dorfner responds to the growing demand by increasing its storage capacity of DORKAFILL® and DORKAMUL® calcined kaolin in order to ensure a constant high level of flexibility, capacity and on-time delivery.