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Industrial ceramic

David Minerals supplies a complete range of mineral products for the following applications:

  • Kaolin and ground quartz for the formulation of sanitaryware, porcelain and pottery bodies.
  • Clay for engobe and glazes for all ceramic productions.
  • High purity quartz for the formulation of mixtures and glazes with a high degree of whiteness.
  • Witgert clays – for all branches of traditional and technical ceramics: floor and wall tiles, roof tiles, bricks, facing bricks and clinker, sanitary ware and tableware, stove tiles, electro-ceramics, abrasives, fire-resistant, building materials and dyes.

In most cases, customer-specific mixes are developed in our laboratory, in order to take into account the particular needs of the user. Clays and clay mixes can be supplied in all forms: shredded, ground, rolled, granulated, plastic and suspended.