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David Lab

DAVID LAB – material experts

David Minerals has its own laboratory for the preliminary quality tests on raw materials and for customer technical support whenever it proves necessary.

We are able to collaborate with customers in the development of projects and new productions.

The laboratory also acts as a venue for demonstrating the application of the raw materials we market.

Research and quality

DAVID MINERALS puts itself forward not just as a simple supplier of raw materials for industry, but stands alongside its customers as a collaborator, in search of technological solutions and in sharing the objectives of their production.

DAVID MINERALS is an active part of the customer’s project and thanks to its flexibility and creativity it adds the value of its specific knowledge thanks to important collaborations with specialized research centres.

The Company regularly collaborates with some research institutes to define the problems and objectives that its customers intend to follow. Our technical partners:

  • Petroceramics Spa – Kilometro rosso – Bergamo
  • Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro di Murano – Venice
  • Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Modena
  • Anzaplan Gmbh – The private research institute of the Dorfner Group – Hirschau _ Germany
  • Modena Test Centre – Modena

Associations of which we are members:

  • ATIV – Association of Italian Glass Technicians
  • ICERS – Italian Ceramic Society
  • CONPAVIPER – Italian Association of Substrates, Screeds and Continuous Flooring and Coatings


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