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Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Conductive additives are essential in newly developed materials where heat management, electromagnetic shielding and antistatic properties are determining factors; with graphites and LUH special mineral additives, the product offer is tailored to the needs of the customer.

Graphite based GraphTHERM and GraphCOND conductive additives can be used individually or in synergy with raw materials in pre-existing formulations.

Main advantages:

  1. Thermal Conductivity: additives for the best heat distribution in the finished product avoiding harmful hot spots. GraphTHERM, an optimized conductive graphite for better thermal conductivity: > 20W/mK and low impact on mechanical characteristics.
  2. Electrical Conductivity: additives for antistatic applications. GraphCOND, a conductive graphite optimized for high electrical conductivity even when used in low quantities: ultra-fine particles and conductivity up to more than 2W/mK with a percentage of only 30% by volume.

The additives can be combined, for the best thermal and electrical performance.

MagTHERM, the other mineral-based additive for applications in the thermal field when electrical conductivity must be totally avoided, since MagTHERM is electrically insulating; white and with a thermal conductivity of 2W/mK achievable in plastic composites, it has a high workability and fluidity even with high percentages of additive.

For high-end materials with very high electrical conductivity, LUH offers a high-tech solution:

Graphene Nanoplatelets, with high combined thermal and electrical conductivity, increased surface resistance and resilience, corrosion resistance and an excellent quality/price ratio compared to a single layer of Graphene.