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A mineral already widely known, easy to flake, transparent, chemically and thermally resistant, today this material is used as a substitute for glass in furnaces, in chemical plants and in various industrial applications.

It is an Aluminium Silicate with a peculiar combination of properties that make it unique and versatile for many applications. It is identified according to its chemical composition, in Muscovite light mica and Flogopite dark mica, very important for industrial applications. It is also used as an additive in paints, pigments and coatings due to its shiny appearance.

The ferrous variant of Mica (Ferromica-MIOx) is also used as an anti corrosion protection in pigments.

Main properties of Mica:

Thermal resistance and chemically inert to acids and oxidizing agents

Insulator: insulates against Sound and Heat

Electrical insulator

Protects from UV rays



LUH Mica is supplied in the Muscovite and Flogopite variants in different particle sizes, from powder with a fineness of 15 micron up to flakes of about 20mm, according to the Customer’s needs thanks also to the technical support of DAVID MINERALS.