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Refractory products and foundry

The products we represent play an important role in the quality of modern metallurgy.

Georg H. Luh products, materials such as micronized Muscovite mica for surface finishing and as releasing agents. Graphite is used for its reducing characteristics, alone or combined with other raw materials. Mica and graphite are also used to improve the surface characteristics of the dies for the finishes of the surfaces covered by sand and as releasing agents for castings from the die. The range of products for foundries is completed by the supply of amorphous or crystalline graphite for maintaining the reduction in the metal forming process.

The spherical quartz sands of Schlingmeier Quarzsand guarantee an excellent formulation of cores for cast iron, steel and aluminium foundries. The high purity of the quartz, the careful granulometric selection, the consistency of quality guarantee our customers a certainty in the high definition of the details.