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Resin flooring

DORSIMIX: is the range of ready-to-use mixes for the construction of industrial and commercial floors with a resin coating. Used both for pre-filling and for the application of self-levelling coatings, effective even with a minimum thickness, it reduces resin consumption by up to 15% compared to conventional fillers.


ISG quartz sand mixes are the products of special screening lines: ISG A, B and C mixes, are considered synonymous with quality in many sectors, they are at the forefront and are the preferred filler for resin screeds. They are characterized by giving a very high compressive strength to the finished flooring.

DORSILIT – Quartz sand and powders: this is the option for professionally installed resin floors that must withstand significant use and wear. The powders are characterized by a very high purity in siliceous content and absence of iron.

It offers several advantages:

High purity, uniform particle size
Compact and tough
Rounded grains, good for high packing density and low resin use

Compatible with all standard resin systems
Excellent castability and easy to spread
Excellent resistance of the finished flooring

Moderate resin consumption with cost reduction

GEBA® Dorfner’s GEBA® sand is a unique raw material that is used as a filler in resin floor coverings. It is characterized by a bright neutral base colour, a compact grain structure and a rounded shape. It gives the surfaces of the floors the toughness necessary to withstand high static and dynamic mechanical loads, making the flooring very solid and inert to exposure to aggressive substances such as liquid salt, oil and fuels.

DORSICOAT® – the first low-dust filler for flooring The peculiarity of this filler is to be free from the presence of breathable dust with the consequent improvement of safety at work on site, as well as avoiding possible surface defects caused by the inclusions of dust which, on the finished coating, improves its quality.

DORSICOAT® customer benefits:
The quartz sand with a very low breathable dust content provides excellent protection for the health of operators. High productivity Fewer surface defects caused by dust inclusions Designed for different resin systems

DORSICOAT® product range

DORSICOAT® fillers are suitable for all major binders and tested for compatibility with them. The different grain sizes of DORSICOAT® quartz are available as fillers for trowel-levelled and self-levelling composites, and are also used for aggregate spreading and as anti-slip.

GRANUCOL® KG is a high quality decorative filler for commercial floors in resin; it is a resin-coated quartz sand incorporating coloured pigments. The high quality resin is firmly anchored to the quartz sand core. Flooring made with GRANUCOL® KG has excellent resistance to abrasion and is able to withstand continuous mechanical stress in industrial and commercial buildings.

Dorfner fillers are available in more than 1,000 different colours and more than 3,000 colour mixes and are compatible with all standard resins. Colours can be produced against customer request.

GRANUCOL® KG MIX is ideal for applicators who want to mix fillers with resin on site, with minimal effort and cost, laying the floor and applying an anti-slip right away.

Ideal for the application of coatings on commercial and industrial floors subject to chemical attack, for example in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Even after years, Dorfner can reliably reproduce the exact shade of GRANUCOL® KG MIX and make it available again.

GRANUCOL® UP and GRANUCOL® UP MIX for design floors: coloured synthetic granules to be used for commercial and industrial flooring.

With single-colour GRANUCOL® UP or ready-made GRANUCOL® UP MIX colour mixes, flooring contractors can implement predefined designs that are practically “ready to use”.

GRANUCOL® SIG and SIG MIX – decorative filler for resin floors: an interesting alternative for resin and self-levelling coatings. They are compatible with all common bonding systems and give industrial and commercial floors exceptional durability. GRANUCOL® SIG is the preferred filler when durability, aesthetics and maximum resistance to UV rays are the main priorities.

Floors made with GRANUCOL® SIG decorative fillers are very resistant, making them ideal for surfaces that are exposed to daily mechanical stress. They have excellent resistance to rolling loads, impact and exposure to chemicals.

Dorfner’s prepackaged MIX range offers flooring contractors a great way to install beautifully designed flooring with minimal cost and effort. GRANUCOL® SIG MIX is ideal for floor layers who wish to mix fillers with resin on site, laying the floor immediately and then broadcasting a dry aggregate.

GRANUCOL® SIG / SIL is ready-to-use coloured quartz sand.


Dorfner is a leader in the innovation of conductive fillers. GRANUCOL® CONDUCT: The quartz sand core is the structural element that gives the floor covering its mechanical strength. The conductive layer applied to the granules prevents electrostatic discharges and the colours of the GRANUCOL® CONDUCT MIX mixtures give the floor a pleasant appearance.

GRANUCOL® CONDUCT is the key component in conductive resin flooring and is used in many industrial sectors. Before installing conductive flooring, it is essential to carefully assess and plan the multi-layer design of the flooring system.

GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0 – Highly conductive fillers in new colours


FQ (Fine Quartz) filler mixes meet the highest requirements for appearance, workability and load-carrying capacity in decorative self-levelling floor coverings. These ultra-fine, colourful fillers add elegance and long-lasting durability to indoor flooring systems: the coloured pigments are embedded in a very thin polymer layer that envelops each tiny quartz crystal. And the GRANUCOL® FQ mixes are highly resistant to abrasion and are UV stable.

DORSIDUR®, high hardness aggregate: is used for laying industrial floors that are extremely resistant to mechanical stress thanks to the high hardness of the finish. DORSIDUR® mixes contain hard aggregate fragments of basalt, quartz and silicon carbide which are some of the hardest and most chemically resistant materials in the world.