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Expandable graphite

Flame Retardant additives are essential for the production of fire resistant materials. Today the demand for halogen-free additives, for a lower environmental impact and generation of toxic gases, are the most sought after: Expandable Graphite meets all these requirements.

This synthetically obtained graphite expands thanks to its structure consisting of layers of carbon interspersed with layers of acids: in contact with the flame, the acids pass into a gaseous state, expanding all the material and creating an intumescent protective layer, thus slowing down the propagation of the flame.

The main advantages are:

  1. Halogen-free and consistent with the REACH protocol thanks to its mineral nature.
  2. Easy to apply and highly efficient, it can be added in flakes or masterbatches, even in small quantities.
  3. It works individually and also in synergy with other Flame Retardant additives, such as APP and ATH.

Expandable Graphite must be added to the materials produced taking into account the different production needs: the expansion start temperature, the expansion rate and the particle size are among the key selection criteria, as are the pH values, essential for the integration into polyurethane foams or other polymers.

Features selectable according to the necessary requirements:

Activation temperature: can be chosen according to the production process

Composition: determines the properties of Expandable Graphite

Expansion Rate: determines the density and thickness of the intumescent layer

Purity: must be higher in case some impurities can interfere with the system components

Particle size: selected based on the application and production needs

pH: with Neutral values, prevents unexpected chemical reactions and oxidation