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Natural graphite

Natural Graphite, beyond the pencil.

The uses of Natural Graphite are many; essential in many industrial fields, it finds application in foundries, in the production of refractory products, is the main component of high-performance lubricants and is finding new applications in the emerging energy and electronics sectors.

It is extracted from mineral deposits in China, Africa, North and South America and Europe, subsequently processed, it is selected to obtain a variety with different levels of purity and particle size.

Natural graphite is classified in macrocrystalline (flakes) and microcrystalline (amorphous) form according to the crystalline structural characteristics.

The layered structure of its composition is precisely what gives it its unique properties:

Heat Resistance: > 3000° C in free atmosphere

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Resistance to thermal shocks, acids and oxidizing agents

Lubricant thanks to its layered structure

LUH and David Minerals work in synergy with customers to seek and develop new application possibilities; contact us to find the best Graphite for your applications!