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Clay and Ceramic Mixes

David Minerals sells the clays of Arno Witgert Gmbh which is the company with the oldest tradition in Westerwald (Ger) as it has been in business since 1820. Over the last decades, the production of quarry clay mixtures has evolved in favour of complete ceramic bodies for multiple applications. The versatility of Witgert’s systems and its know-how are made available to customers in the most varied ceramic applications: sanitaryware, artistic ceramics, tableware, refractories, tiles, facing bricks, clinker, electro-ceramics, abrasives, technical ceramics, dyes. For the different applications, Witgert supplies the mixes in different forms, from shredded to ground, in flakes, plastic bodies, granulated or slurry. Witgert products meet the needs of numerous customers in Germany and worldwide.