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David Minerals has been able to create an efficient network of collaborations with transport and logistics workers over time, who allow us to study and to achieve proper logistics solutions for each product and for customers’ specific demands. We organize transports by rail, by sea and by road, for bulk or packaged goods, for complete or parcel cargos.

Our partners:

Cargofer Srl in Bondeno (FE) Born as a railway terminal, Cargofer guarantees a service of storage and redelivery of bulk raw materials to David Minerals. We can exploit the storage capacity of bulk materials, the transfer and then the reloading on different delivery means, and the packaging on request.

Pico Trans in San Felice sul Panaro (MO) The storage and the delivery of packaged goods are guaranteed by our collaboration with Pico Trans. In fact, this transport company offers us a fast and punctual delivery service for little stocks, too.

Our ability to organize a good logistics completes the necessary skills to guarantee an entirely satisfactory supplying to our customers.