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Raw materials and services for glassworks

Sands for glass David Minerals is a supplier of sands for the glass market with particular attention to the demand for high purity sands. We can offer extremely high purity sands characterized by low levels of iron, chromium and titanium. The sands we represent are characterized by iron values below 100 ppm. These products are a fundamental raw material in the production of plate glass and glass of high technological value. The production processes follow purification processes by physical separation of impurities: therefore our quartzes are free from flotation residues and for this reason they are particularly appreciated in the production of technical glass.

Dolomite Dolomite from the Jettenberg deposit is known as the purest in Europe and is exported from Germany all over the world. Dolomite has an average Fe2O3 content of 80 ppm. The composition is stoichiometric dolomite with less than 1% of other minerals and organic material. It is successfully used in the production of high quality glass where maximum transparency is required. In addition, it is characterized by a low crackle index, which is important in the life of furnace refractories.

Graphite Our synthetic graphite is appreciated in the refinement of clear glass for tableware. Graphite emulsions for the lubrication of in-line processes in the production of glass for tableware complete our range for these productions.

Refractories for glass factories David Minerals works as an agent in Italy for Harbison-Walker International, a world leader in the production and installation of refractories in the glass industry. Narco is part of the HWI group which brought together AP Green, Narco and Harbison-Walker.

Recovery and valorization of glass waste David Minerals makes its experience available to first and second processing glassworks for the valorization and reuse of processing waste such as secondary raw materials for other industrial sectors.