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Dorsicoat® – coated quartz

Micronized Dorsicoat

Dorsilit, flour and micronized quartz are obtained by grinding high purity quartz sands with SiO2 content > 99% and avoiding possible ferrous contamination during the production process. Dorsilit is chemically inert and available in different grain sizes, in bulk or packaged. Due to their high hardness and specific density, Dorsilit is suitable for various specific applications such as flooring and composite materials.

Dorsicoat, the “coated” version of Dorsilit is the only product line tested by IGF in accordance with DIN-EN 15051-3 standards and classified as having a “very low” dust content.

These are very fine quartz fillers, coated to avoid the presence of fine dust during processing. The spillage and use tests of DORSICOAT quartzes highlight the almost total absence of dust inside.

It improves the safety of working conditions by creating a more comfortable environment and avoiding cleaning the environments. It reduces microparticle pollution thus creating the possibility to work simultaneously on other production activities.

It is compatible with all polymer resin binders and with water.

It is inert in contact with other substances and without any change in the particle size compared to traditional products with a wide range of products and uses.

DORSICOAT PMK: Ground and micronized quartz by premixing with resins.

DORSICOAT MICRO PMK: Micro-quartz powder for ceramic glazes

Dorsicoat for flooring

Dorsicoat sands for flooring reproduce the same granulometry of traditional, standard sands, without any alteration, but with the advantage of being free from breathable dust. In this way, as with fine and micronized products, healthy working environments and more comfortable conditions for the floor applicators are guaranteed. They can be used as broadcasting sands or in ready-to-use mixes when making screeds or self-levelling floors. Standard Quartz Sand (0.3-0.8)

EXAMPLES OF DORSICOAT PRODUCTS using EP – PU resins PQK 7 (0.6-1.2) – PQK 8 (0.3-0.8) – PQK 9 (0.1-0.5) For aggregate spreading and coatings DF 100 (0-0.3) for self-levelling floors PQK B1 (0.06-2.5) for screeds

Also available in the PQW version for use with MMA acrylic resins

DORSICOAT PQK: Quartz sand for aggregate spreading, coatings, ready-to-use screed mixes, non-slip finishes and self-levelling coatings.