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Dolomite and magnesium lime


Dolomite is a double calcium and magnesium carbonate, the origin of which is still widely discussed. It is extremely rare to find deposits in which the dolomite mineral is pure as in the case of Jettenberg. It is easier to find deposits in which calcite and dolomite are present in different proportions. Dolomite is a less acid-soluble carbonate than calcite.

Thanks to its intrinsic properties and high degree of purity, Jettenberg dolomite finds valid applications in various sectors:
– Production of extra clear, highly transparent glass
– Feed additive and soil improver in agriculture
– Mineral for water treatment
– Abrasive without free silica
– Additive for organic building and granules for garden furniture

Chemical compositionCa Mg(CO3)2
Density: 2,88 g/cm³
Mohs hardness: 3,5-4 Mohs
pH: 10

Ground dolomite

The dolomite is ground into different degrees of fineness, flour and micronized. The degrees of fineness vary from 90 to 20 microns as a cut size. The purity of the quarried mineral guarantees a high degree of whiteness to the ground products which makes these products widely appreciated in the following fields of use:
– Raw material in the composition of prestigious ceramic glazes
– Fillers in the composition of polymeric composites, pigments and colours
– pH corrector and other parameters in the chemical, textile and leather tanning industry
– Abrasives and detergents industry
– Additive in building chemistry for the composition of plasters, cements and bitumen
– Additive in the composition of animal feed (free from dioxins)
– Mineral for the gasification of biomass

Calcined dolomite

Dolomite is calcined in different grades for the production of granules intended for the following fields of use: – Mineral enrichment of acidic waters and prevention of pipe corrosion
– Treatment of waste water with the introduction of calcium and magnesium ions to prevent the formation of foams and algae
– pH corrector and calcium and magnesium contributor in aquariums
– Semi-calcined dolomite for the neutralization of acid exhaust gases and emission filters
– Additive in building chemistry for the composition of plasters, cements and bitumen
– Component in the formulation of glass and metals